Who am I

Elad Tavor (34), located in Tel aviv.

He graduated for the Holon institute of Technology (HIT) in 2008 and has a B.design degree in Graphic design. During the 4 years of school he specialized both in Broadcast media and in Print.

after school Elad worked in print jobs, working in the newspapers industry designing magazines and newspapers.
He worked for 3 years in "Time Out" Tel aviv magazine

In 2009 he started working at "Calcalist" and after a while joined a task force in the purpose of creating the best newspaper Ipad app in Israel.

2.5 years later, the app was released and Elad continued on to being its graphic editor and keeps planning the next UX and UI upgrades for it.


In 2011 he joined the user experience field of expertise .He is UXV certified from the John Bryce institue and a well known UX persona in the field, Tal florentin. 

He is now working as a freelance UX/UI expert.